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recently, I...

...caught Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. Liked it, but wasn't blown away.

...had Korean for the first time; wow. delicious.

...upgraded my iPod Mini to the 20g iPod; within days of having the mini, I maxxed out on space. I've already got 90% of the memory filled on my 20g. good times.

...thought of Kim & Chuck. a lot. miss you!

...found a fellow Elmira Southside grad's recent shoot for A&F. Nice job, Adam!

...found out my sister is moving to Savannah, GA. ugh.

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  1. Blogger World Traveler 

    Holy Nikes! He looks fab. Although it is weird to remember him as a scrany elementary school kid tagging around in Fiddler.

    Good for him.

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