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casual update

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nothing all too exciting to report. Eric, David, Todd and I are heading to Florida this weekend for an excursion south. Will certainly be nice to escape the upcoming snow storm. I've never been a big fan of Orlando, but Eric is really interested in going to Univeral...so, being the wonderful sidekick that I am, I've opted to hit the land of the swamp in exchange for an Italy trip. Which obviously won't be occuring in quite some time, but believe me, I'll play that card any chance I'll get. If you've got a moment, check out Universal's latest ad initiative, iwantmyvacation.com. Clever ad campaign. Play bash the boss. online, not at work.

On a completely UN-related note, we were able to get the living room painted this past weekend; a much nicer site than the pepto-bismol pink that accented the room. Once we've rested from painting that room,we'll kick-start the dining room. Once I feel I can capture the room with a photo, I'll post a pic.

There's been some interesting occurances at work of late. I've been placed on a few different (more interesting, exciting) accounts. The new work will give me a bit more experience in producing TV spots and more strategic ad work. good times.

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