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the heart of the matter

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While you're googling the word "failure" (do it) and obsessing over that crazyfreak John Mark Karr, I'll be getting intoxicated on all the love that Provincetown offers.

If the laptop clears, I'll blog about getting frisked by airport security. If only they were as interesting as Kathy Griffin and Michael Ian Black (Sierra Mist commercial - keep up!)

This will be the first time we've sojourned to the cape via air. The pilgrimage by car is long and wears on mamma's nerves. The only saving grace during the drive were visits to all of the Christmas Tree Shops along the cape. On our last drive, Eric threatened to renew his pistol permit if I asked to stop at the deep, deep discount store for the fourth time. That's why we're flying. So he can't bring the pistol. And I can't stop at the Christmas Tree Shop.

While I'm gone, visit other bloggers. Introduce yourself. Like you do at church. Aren't you suppose to shake hands with at least two people in church? That's what I did the last time I was at church. Oh,wait. That wasn't church. It was a business meeting. And we were naked.


Anyway - my new obsession is Project Runway. I know, I'm so late (three seasons to be exact) on catching up on this show, but I'm obsessed. FourFour gives the most hysterical and observant commentary on each episode. Find them all here.

PopBytes is positioned to be the next big blogger. He's doin' a bang-up job.

The sexual tension between myself and Toby is sick. Stop denyin' Toby. Give in, give in. Visit vividblurry.

My Drinking Team has a Frisbee Problem. Like you didn't chuckle a little bit at the name.

Download this:

India.Arie rarely gets added to any of my iTunes playlists, but this is definitely an exception. The Don Henley cover is exquisite. The arrangement is timeless and the delivery is subtle.

**Updated: Download India.Arie - The Heart of the Matter (Mp3)

[Thanks to JasonSmith for the gret Ptown image. I was too lazy to dig for an original.]

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  1. Anonymous PopMuse 

    I really like this cover, its way better than the original. India's new cd is nice, really nice.

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