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Damn, it's like music week here at the lounge!

I've been meaning to blog a bit more on Jody Watley's upcoming release The Makeover, scheduled for release August 8th. You can now pre-order the disc over at Amazon. Surely by now y'all realize my love for Miss Watley. Often dismissed on account of her work in the '80s, this enduring icon has and continues to turn out strong and relevant material.

A few months ago, "Borderline" made its way to fans, creating a frenzy all over the place. For all the love the fans had to give, there were vocal haters that couldn't see past the remaking of a Madge song. Perhaps they ought to be hitting the Jessica Simpson boards and raise hellion over Simpsons' blatant rip-off of "Holiday" on "Public Affair." C'mon now!

Regardless, The Makeover is primed to position Watley precisely where listeners will understand her most: revisiting the back catalog of personal favorites long enough to give a refresher, but then moving effortlessly into new and exciting material. The DJ-inspired set finds Watley pairing with 4Hero, King Britt and Ron Trent, among others.

Are you up for the journey?

If you're on MySpace, be sure to make Jody your friend.

Jody is scheduled to open up the Gay Games in Chicago this weekend!

Pre-order Jody Watley - The Makeover

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