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Sherri Shepherd's Christian Q&A

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Actress and frequent Ellen Degeneres Show commentator Sherri Shepherd gives an in-depth interview with the Christian website Beliefnet. She discusses finding christ and the conflict of working in Hollywood and being a christian.

Shepherd, who once cultivated quite a gay following in LA doing gay-friendly stand up, has backed away from her roots and adopted a more conservative view based on her strong christian beliefs.

...On letting go of her gaycentric comic roots:

"I would get on stage and do an hour. Oh man, I was so blue. But I got a big following. It was very hard to let all that material go because I lost a lot of my following."

I'd be lying if I said I'm not saddened to learn about Shepherd and her beliefs, frankly. I've been quite an admirer of her humor and wit for some time now and would have thought she'd respond differently to her gay fans. This may also be the reason her peeps haven't returned any of my calls for an interview with this decidedly gay blog!

Read the Q&A with Sherri here.

Incidentally, Andy Dick also conducted an interview with the website back in 2003.

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3 Responses to “Sherri Shepherd's Christian Q&A”

  1. Anonymous gaysian 

    This I'm surprised by. I would have thought she'd tackle her answers differently. I believe there's a circle of christians on ABC's Less than Perfect. Andy Dick, Zack Levi (Kipp) and Sherri.

  2. Anonymous george 

    So all those years playing gay clubs she was "sinning?" I am offended by her now.

  3. Anonymous Javier 

    You guys are reaching. She said she had to let go of her blue or raunchy material, not her gay fans. Not all gay people like blue or raunchy humor. Moreover, many gays are Christian, born again Christians. You can be a Christian and gay-friendly too, at the same time not engaging in raunchy behavior.

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