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morning thoughts over coffee:

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Millino: I could be more of a cynic than needed, but aren't they both on MTV's bankroll? It just doesn't seem all that organic to me. Surely conference room doors were closed the moment the "Newlyweds" split, deciding the next step in each persons' career. I'll bet one item at the top of the agenda was Nick's new music and the "muse" to be featured in his video. And imagine if said muse was to begin a romantic fling with the singer...I'm just sayin'!

Regarding all the hoopla over Star Jones and the View, it's definitely delicious and we're all eatin' it up, but perhaps we're just eating what the machine is feeding us. Let's face it; audiences tuned in 4% more last year than now. A shakeup at the table to get everyone talking was definitely in order. It worked. And now there's buzz of countless women taking the seat: Brandy, Katherine McPhee, Shannen Doherty, Isaac Mizrahi (?!?!) Producers of the View couldn't be more thrilled with all the new-found chatter about the show! And let's not even get into Rosie's upcoming assignment; once she bellies up to the Babs, all of American will be tuned in! This is good stuff my friend, good stuff.

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