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He's a "method actor" - Boys Meets Boy, boy marries

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okay, I'll admit it. I was a reluctant fan of Bravo TV's Boy Meets Boy, the first gay dating show on cable TV. Like every reality show, the dating game had a twist. Not all contestants were gay. Some straight guys were thrown into the mix, blurring the line between perception and reality. The "leading man" was left to his and his best girlfriend Audra's judgement to decide who was checkin' out Martha's rack or just expressing an interest in her baking gear.

Dan Wells, known for shamelessly flirting with the leading man and the BGF, was a fan-favorite, crippling every gay man's gaydar after revealing his straightness. A self-described "method actor", Wells launched his own website and later appeared on Days of Our Lives (thanks Andy) as a woman masquerading as a man (hmph.)

Anyway, last week I picked up Rochester's Democrat & Chronicle, browsing the engagement and wedding section. Quite randomly, I came across the announcement for Wells and his bride (a Rochester native.) Below is the scan. Wonder if Brian H. was the best man?

**Update - who knew he had such a fanbase! He's got a fanboard via his website.

I guess all those soap fans love a man dressin' up as a woman who's playin' a man. Huh?

3 Responses to “He's a "method actor" - Boys Meets Boy, boy marries”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    If you check his website, you'll see *no* reference to Boy Meets Boy.

    How closeted is that?

  2. Blogger Michael 

    Ooh, thanks for mentioning BRIAN H. whose name is spoken with the same inflection as "mmmm, donuts".

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Why does that newspaper photo look nothing like Dan from Boy Meets Boy?

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