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"I was raised right. I talk about people behind their backs."

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I love Kathy Griffin. Sure, her shots are cheap and she pokes fun at all that she aspires to achieve, but her biting sense of humor and fearless take on celebrity craziness is dead-on.

Griffin's reality show debuted on Bravo tonight. And what a show it is. 'Though some themes are a bit tiring [Margaret Cho was courting the "gays" years before Griffin] watching her haggle for free swag and bomb at a conservative fundraiser are classic reality TV moments.

A moment on the show I couldn't help but comment on:

Kathy's mission in the first episode is to get celebrities to attend an annual Toys for Tots fundraiser. Judging an LA drag show, she encounters Marcia Cross.

Now if you recall, Cross was recently rumored to be a big ol' lesbian, to the point where she publicly (thanks to a slew of publicists) denied the allegations on The View. Well when all those "allegations" were being flung around town, the biggest of all rumors was that not only was Marcia coming out of the closet, but so was her girlfriend; another primetime celebrity. As Kathy flutters between celebs and queens, the camera keeps catching Cross and another woman quitetogether most of the evening. It's not clear who the mystery woman is 'till a group photo of all of those in attendance is shot. Thanks to the reality cameras documenting Griffin's show, Lori Loughlin is caught snugglin' next to Marcia Cross most of the evening...

I'm not alleging that two PRIMETIME [Loughlin on WB's Summerland, Cross on ABC's Desperate Housewives] celebs are bumpin' uglies at night, but I can't help but find this more than coincidental; Loughlin was first on the list of alleged lovers back when all the gossip started to run its course.

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