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Five minutes with Ross the Intern

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Midnight Lounge recently had a chance to spend a few minutes with Ross Mathews. Late-night TV viewers surely know Ross from his correspondent pieces on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Better known as Ross the Intern, he constantly tickles me pink each time I catch him. Be sure to bookmark Ross' blog!

I hear Star Jones is actively looking for a job these days; any chance you'd bring her on as a boom operator on Tonight show correspondent pieces?

Star Jones is probably way too busy annoying the American public and demanding things. I'm sure shes a wonderful person.

Has word come through that you're up for a guest hosting gig on the View?

Word has not come through. Barbara Walters email about it must have gone to my junk folder. I'd do it in a heart beat, though.

You're a pro on the red carpet, but who is better suited to be your sidekick; Star or Kathy Griffin?

I have no idea to date, Ive only worked alone. But I'd take Kathy Griffin because she's funnier than me.

Some argue that Phyllis Diller is more of a gay icon than Cher and Liza; discuss.

The more the merrier.

You've got two tickets to paradise; who gets to go with you?

My dog and me. Or do I even need a ticket? I mean, is one of the two tickets for me, or can I give them both away?

You're a superstar blogger; what other blogs do you frequent?

Rosie [O'Donnell's] blog and Pink is the New Blog.

So your mom recently came to town; did she have a wishlist of celebrities she hoped to run into?

If my mom has a wish list of celebs she wants to meet, she's never told me. Its sweet when Jay sees her and remembers her, though. She always gets a kick out of that.

If you're on my top ten list of LA celebs to run into, who's on yours?

First of all, you need a new list. The main peeps on my list who I've already checked off were Gwyneth Paltrow, Anderson Cooper, Oprah and Meryl Streep. Whos left? Madonna. Liza. Bea Arthur. Regis.

8 Responses to “Five minutes with Ross the Intern”

  1. Anonymous World Traveler 

    Why does he refuse to use apostrophes? I am not keen on the lack of proper punctuation, especially if he is an intern. What a poor reflection on the Tonight Show!

  2. Anonymous Ross 

    OMG, I DID use apostrophes!!! I don't know what happened to them. I'm a stickler for punctuation.

  3. Anonymous midnight lounge 

    Oh gosh, that's *so* my fault - it's fixed! Ross is a master of the english language and commands it accordingly. It's this Southside High School-educated blogger that's at fault!

  4. Anonymous artsy 

    nice one jason!

  5. Anonymous leisuresuite 

    I'm so glad you got Ross on your site. He makes TV good.

  6. Anonymous World Traveler 

    Hey!I am a Southside grad and I caught the apostrophe thing so watch it J! Ross, I apologize for accusing you of improper punctuation, and the next time I see J I will berate and eyebrow beat him accordingly.

    I look forward to seeing you on TV if I ever am able to stay up that long..I am old and pregnant so it is unlikely. All the best to you however...

    And for you J, we'll talk later. Mrs. Bordinger would be highly disappointed. :)

  7. Anonymous TOTALLY MISSREAD 

    on 2:52 PM why do you all pick on him I think he is a rather sweet and nice person....are you jealouse cause u perhaps are just a couch potato and he has inspirations and motivated.....and you are preggos and begging for stale cheetos....get a life world travler......and whos you babys daddy no PUNKCUATION needed it still can be read

  8. Anonymous Joey 

    Ross is THE best!! He should totally have his OWN show!

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