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crazy in love.

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Unamused Cruise soaked by squirtgun-microphone in press line prank.

Just one more stop on the nausea-inducing maiden voyage of the TomKat; soon to be a bigger debacle than the sinking of the Andrea Doria. Dramamine anyone?

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  1. Anonymous Darienne Lake, drag queen loud mouth 

    Well, never have I ever thought that Tom Cruise was gay until I saw this TomKat thing. Tom and Katie make my stomach turn. I saw Tom's reaction to getting squirted and it looked like he has had that done before. First, he was shocked and excited, then a little embarrassed, and ashamed. Then a little angry. Hmm, been there. I heard that when he proposed he got down on both knees, old habits die hard. Tom Cruise, you can suck my dick, ya homo!

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