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I'll be back...

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Sorry for the lack in updates. Been busy. Okay, really just preoccupied. Will certainly update.

I can't stop listening to Mariah's new CD; never a fan 'till I iTuned the latest release. Her latest single just broke her own Billboard record; she was, previously, the highest charting female artist ever. Now she's moving into Elvis and Beatles territory. A sample lyric from her latest single "We Belong Together" captures those breakup feelings oh so well:

"I'm feeling all out of my element
throwin' things,
tryin' to figure out
where the hell I went wrong"

If you haven't checked out The Emancipation of Mimi, I urge you to do so.

I finally broke down and became an iPod owner; I stayed rather conservative and acquired the 4gig blue mini. It's great. Especially for me as I travel with so many CDs on any given occasion. I can throw the mini in my back pocket and play DJ wherever I go.

more updates later. Enjoy the sun!

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