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does. not. compute. system failure...

Elmira, New York, my stodgy hometown, is hosting its second annual gay pride event, complete with dance club diva Pepper MaShay. The hometown news pub decided to post a Q&A with the "Let's get soakin' wet" singer.

Wonder if my high school coach will be in the audience of Pepper; he made my former years quite memorable, telling a class full of impressionable students there's nothing he hates more: child molesters and queers. A big ol' kiss goes to you Mr. Taft!

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  1. Blogger World Traveler 

    Stodgy? That's harsh..try Backwater.

    That too is harsh. Noted improvements in the Big E's outward appearance at least this past weekend.

    And I have news, as you move west, the ignorance only gets more profound..sadly.

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